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Mijn Duifje


2021 - 2022



Old Court house Amsterdam with Studio307; 


A pact between a man and a bakery. A beautiful city story that encourages the necessary thoughts.


273g   1e kj   

p.paarsbruin w. rosebruin   

geen Prui borstsp. 20,5g krop 47x29x28=27g   

ovar.5x5 ovid.r.end. vl 216 sta100(4)kop 53,7snav-ve 19.1

loop 30,8 T30.0 x 3,0

He finds them at the bakery who is bothered by the animals. He catches them and transports them in socks. At home, he performs an autopsy and tries to find answers to his research questions.

Research questions:

1. Many different rugs can be distinguished in the field; can there be a dominance order in this?

2. How does body weight change during the year in relation to sex, breeding time, moulting period and fat build-up?

3. Are age characteristics in the field consistent with those obtained at autopsy?

4. How is the flight feather moult timed against other energy demanding processes such as brooding and winter cold?

5. Is there a difference in moulting time between 1st year and older birds?

6. Is the relationship between body weight and pectoral muscle weight constant?

7. Is there a correlation between weight, wing length, tail length, head length, beak length and walking leg length?

8. What is the difference between walking leg length (including skin) and bone length?

9. Do the external dimensions of the crop give a reasonable reflection of the amount of filling?

He bakes the pectoral muscles that are released as a residual product
with some onions. He has eaten more than 200 pigeons in the past six months.

365g >1ekj

Prui 5555555300

secl1,3,8-13 N rest M   Sr1,68,9N10=3   

11,12N   Sta:1000N0 I 030001   


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