Print on aluminium, with or without list. Ready to hang.

Both sizes have an edition of 15 + 2 AP. They are signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authentication.






Nice to know

This image has been nominated and published in Fresh Eyes 2020, hang on Fotofestival Naarden, won 1st price cat. 2 emerging talents of Het Fotohuis Amsterdam, exhibited at expo Fotoacademie Amsterdam and expo Zomerkunst Baarn en published in the  Baarnsche Courant.


Edition info

This fine art print is offered in an authorized, signed and numbered limited edition of 15 images. There are two additional 'artist proofs' (AP) outside the regular edition. The photographer reserves the right to reproduce prints outside the limited edition for promotional purposes, in books, magazines, exhibitions and press cards.


(c) Nynke Brandsma Photography


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