Print on aluminium in baklijst. Ready to hang.

Edition of 5 + 2 AP. They are signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authentication.





Nice to know

This image is part of the serie Transistions. The series has been nominated by the Fine Art Photography Awards, category Conceptual. Another work of this serie will hang at Photofestival Schiedam summer 2021. 


Edition info

This fine art print is offered in an authorized, signed and numbered limited edition of 5 pieces. There are two additional 'artist proofs' (AP) outside the regular edition. The photographer reserves the right to reproduce prints outside the limited edition for promotional purposes, in books, magazines, exhibitions and press cards.


About the serie 'Transistions'

The only constant thing is change. Change is natural. From water to ice, from season to season, from life to death. For thousand of years man is harvestting the energy that the change creates, in order to accelerate its evolution. Nature will endure humanitie's rapid transformation, but will our artificial transition to the next evolutive stage be the last one that we will ever make? Or will we thrive through the challenge of our existence and come out to the light? 

Transistions III

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