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single works


2017 - 2020


As it are single works, click on the individual works for more information, prices and publications.

Every step we make in life is framed by  our childhood experiences. As we move forward our upbringing is often in an opposition with the world around us, creating issues, anxieties and insecurities.

By setting scenes against the backdrop of her childhood Frisian landscape, Nynke subtly, yet impactfully, recreates the inner drama taking place in all of us while we struggle to make sense of the ever-changing cultural framework and make peace with our vulnerabilities and imperfections.


These thought-provoking single works explores a number of social and individual issues that range from nostalgia and loneliness to current moral and esthetical standards. Nynke often hides the faces of her models in an attempt to decontextualize and relate to the experience of the viewer.

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