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't Landje, Amsterdam

2022 - ongoing


Zorg & Welzijn

You keep calling.

't Landje is a small piece of land, located on the Westelijke Havenweg in Amsterdam. The place is facilitated by the municipality of Amsterdam and changes location every two years. More than forty residents live on this small piece of land. They live in caravans and usually have a liberal, creative and small-scale life. I first came there in 2008 when I had to make a documentary assignment for the Photo Academy.
   Curious about the place and the people, my attention was drawn to Ronnie, a ‘happy egg’ and connecting force in the field. I photographed his life for over three years. With ups and downs he tried to make a party out of every day. Ronnie was childlike, free and spontaneous. That attracted me. He made me wonder what had happened to my childish freedom.
   As time passed, I also got to know Max better. Max (27) was a special appearance. I'm having trouble understanding him. What world does he live in? Are we connecting? Max struggles with life and wants to be seen. I saw recognition in his words and since then I visit him regularly.
   't Landje is a series about a quirky and free place where warm characters with heavy baggage investigate, explore or escape themselves and life. 't Landje forms a counterculture to life in the city and allows me to move between resistance and desire. Is this freedom or flight? Is adult childishness still prevalent? What can I learn from these people? And why do I want to go back every time?

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