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Nynke Brandsma  / PHOTOGRAPHER

Nynke Brandsma (1986, currently living in Amsterdam) studied at the University of Applied Photography and the Photoacademy in Amsterdam. She is part of the &C Talent Academy and collective The Movement. Her work engages with perceptions of the theme of identity, questioning how to encourage people to judge less. With both documentary and autonomous work she explores her own life as well as that of subjects that catch her attention. 



GUP NEW, FRESH EYES, Fotofestival Naarden, Visa pour l'image, Noorderlicht fotofestival, PX3, Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards, Fotofestival Schiedam, TooTiredBoston, Rotterdam Photo, FAPA, Care4Corona, NDawards.



Volkskrant, Parool, Trouw, Financieel Dagblad, LFK magazine, Blauwe Kamer, &C Talent, Boerderij magazine, Art of Portrait, F-stop magazine, Arthole, Encourage, book Pandemic, book Grote Namen, book Serradifalco (IT), Zorg en Welzijn, Uitkrant, Rode Kruis and regional newspapers.

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Noorderlicht Fotofestival Heerenveen, Former Courthouse Amsterdam with Studio307, Kunst Achter Dijken Pingjum, De Hallen Amsterdam, Brouwdok Harlingen, TooTired Boston, KLPA Kuala Lumpur, Yakushima photofestival exhibition, Zomerkunst Baarn, The Holy Art Londen, Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

Stimulating people to judge less

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